20 April 2016

winter swops for spring & summer

WARM WALKS UP AND AROUND have been most pleasurable, largely because it is bursting out all over so rapidly and colourfully, and the temperatures are conducive. I am hardly able to explain why we have stopped off to enjoy yet another patch of vines. Unless you really look at it!

More than once I have wondered if one of the pleasures of these plantings is to move through them, past them, and experience the flicker of vines that the regimented rows provoke. Maybe I should be slotting in a video hereabouts but not sure I want to get into making films.

But I do have to admit, that although the first burstings of leaf and flower are very lovely, there is something really mesmerising about the regimes of naked vines after the winter and spring prunings.

I've posted a few of the images I have made to capture the essence of some of these vineyards, they are on my album in flickr called springtime vines 16 — sorry, can't create a link directly to it on this bit-of-kit.  And of course, hereabouts we also have the pleasure of the olive groves. Pruning of these most beautiful trees is just about over now . . .