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ONCE MORE, for this the final time this year, our attention, our focus – is upon travelling back to the Vaucluse in October, even unto Sablet, and attached herewith is our proposed route. Hotels booked and ferry paid for.

Again I must point out to all of those who would sneer at so much detail, preferring perhaps to rely on some GPS contrivance for their journies across the face of the earth, (dick-dick or some such) that the attached route is a suggestion rather than a straight jacket. Although, fair does . . . With the experience we have under our belts, the route we actually end up taking will most likely work out almost identical to what is itemised below. It is an aide memoire, a guide to good map reading, a plan of campaign. And it adds to the fun and variety of the venture. You should try it.

You will note that our 2016 favouring of Cherbourg–Poole and Poole–Cherbourg continues. You will not however, be able to detect that this time we plan to travel in our micro-motor.  The Berlingo shall snooze away October, snug in the garage, recovering from it's power steering surgery; ready, willing— but happy to let the family runaround do the honours this time. Luggage will be strictly limited therefore, and subject to the severest scrutiny; this time it will be just the bare essentials, but amongst which will be, of course, The Michelin Road Atlas of France, to ensure that our journey is one of confidence, knowledge, enquiry, discovery, peace and light.

Well . . .  mostly.