5 April 2016

serving the community

MY PUBLIC (HO) WILL NO DOUBT BE AWARE that this year, 2016, was marked by your correspondent with the production of a centennial marmalade edition (see adrian's picturepostings) to mark the day my mother was born 100 years ago. Apart from two special limited editions which remain classified, all the rest of my production this year carries the Sablet banner.

As it says on the label,
'This exclusive marmalade has been specially handcrafted in darkest Devon (UK) to address the increasing demand from the cognoscenti of Sablet for Bullsmead award-winning conserves. Once tasted, no other marmalade will ever satisfy again. Lovingly made entirely by hand and containing only Seville oranges, lemons, pure sugar and water from Bullsmead's own deep-bore water source.'

So you see, I am doing my bit to uphold the United Kingdom as the source of the finest conserves, while out here, in my own small and humble way . . . As usual, as well as the marmalade itself, the associated graphics are originated in the Bullsmead design studios. Oh yes!

The slightly gloomy pictorial representations here indicate that the golden orb has not altogether been wall to wall.

Sablet in the winter 2012