3 April 2016

campervan campervan

ON THE PLAN DE DIEU after a few days of changeable weather. Temperatures switchbacking from 24 or more to 14 or less, but nevertheless the martins returned unto us, the hoopoe grubbing about on the road edge, the toad and frog harmonising in what is left of the old bassin now that the gubbins for a swimming pool have been there located. Seemed to me this grey morning that a black and white image would be more atmospheric, out there on Le Plan de Dieu. Like those holm oaks one of which Mary is given to shinning into from time to time. Like the Dentelles, rising above the smoke and haze spreading gently from Sablet and Gigondas, caught under still warmer air. Careful digital capture . . .

Take a proper look, pleased with the mood and composition . . .  Then I spot it. A campervan. Once you've seen it you can hardly see anything else. Just going behind that oak, just right of centre, waddling along the D977 to Vaison. A split second later, it would have been out of sight behind said oak, but no, there it is plain as the n. on your f.

We've not done much yet: hopefully sorted out and made more imminent the gable repair, patched a few fallen clods of plaster. Seen a film of moderate quality, set to see another possibly of higher quality this evening. Off to the med tomorrow to commune with pals,  said adieu to the Irish, a two night stop by from Anne, discussed Waterloo and the art of the obituary with the Kaisers. 

The weather needs a few more calories perhaps. The campervans are always with us . . .

(without prejudice to owners, fans and users of mobile homes)