13 October 2016

take a seat . . .

IN JULY, I THINK, we walked past the imposing former silk mill on a summer walk that started and finished at La Garde Adhemar, and we resolved to return in the autumn. So we did.

Eric Linard is a distinguished fine art printer and designer who some years ago upped sticks from Strasbourg to convert and refurbish the wonderful silk mill near Le Val des Nhmphs into a gallery space, workshops and printing works. At this time of the year we expected the place would be quiet and indeed it was. Not open in fact, though it proclaimed it was. However, Mme Linard rushed off when she came upon us in the grounds, got the keys and soon we were amongst some of the wonderful collection of classic chairs belonging to furniture maker Marc Hotermans that find a home here.

Be in no doubt, these are indeed very significant chairs (and with some furniture also) designed by some of the greatest names in 20th century design. Mies, Le Corbusier, Aalto, Riedveldt, Breuer and a host of others. In original condition.

And here you get to sit on the chairs, are encouraged to do so. The pictures of Guillame Moschini grace the walls: these too we liked very much, simple yet with a real presence.

Outside this quite majestic former mill, two recliners that did service on the former Atlantic super-liner 'France'. Quite a place, shades of the long closed former Crestet Arts Centre (which we passed a day or two ago, neglected and declining) but safer we hope, as it is in private hands, with a viable business attached.