14 October 2016

sablet also sometimes gets . . .

YES, IT IS TRUE, it can rain excessively, for several hours at a stretch, here in sunny Sablet. This episode started with a mostly rainy day, dried up a little towards nightfall and then got stuck in seriously, accompanied eventually by characteristic thunder and lightning episodes and kept at it until well after daybreak. In fact, I am not so sure that it is not going on right now.

Which is why I am sitting here (or sat here as I understand we now are able to say) telling you about it. Not that interesting I guess, but it is part of the scene. Laying in bed in the night hearing the rush and rattle of the rain on the pantilles above our heads, well it makes me feel snug.

I do love rain, y'see – especially the heavy stuff. Lightning and thunder, a bonus!  Our recently renovated roof edge over the terrace showed itself up to the job and the cleaned out terrace drain also coped with the flow.

OK, I like rain it is true, but maybe it could think about stopping soon.
Not sure I find the grey scudding clouds so much to my liking . . .

The rain abates the mists cling to the Plan de Dieu, Sablet looks distinctly damp.
But the newbuild goes on [up], as scheduled.