22 March 2016

well down the road

BY HECK, we had a jolly fine light supper in Epernay last evening. Wonderful. Just what I fancied too, I give it a straight A!  Not noticed this rather good trompe-l'oeil before, nearby. I particularly like the 'pencil sketch' of some sort of classical order alongside the false gable bricks and the entirely fake boulangerie below. Someone took some trouble!  Epernay has lots of quirky bits like this. After supper a good night's kip. But that was yesterday . . .

Two hundred and forty seven miles further on although it should have been less as we took a sanity diversion round Nevers having come out of the centre the wrong side. We had time to spare mind so no worries. And it was warmer in Nevers, situated on the Loire /Allier confluence. Fine buildings, not bad shopping streets convoluted one way system, you know the sort of thing.

Don't expect any other pictures today, by the way, but we passed through some quite reasonable campagne, nothing dramatic you understand, but pleasingly undulating. Had our first croissants and grands cafés in Sezanne (no itsy bitsy hotel petit dejeuners for us, as we like to get what we pay for). Then we had The Menu in a place called Prèmery (no, neither had I – ever heard of it – that is). The resto was the only place open and was throbbing. Black and white framed photos of former americorn fillum stars all over the walls and a proprietor who sounded an old car horn behind the bar when his customers somehow let it slip that their birthdays were imminent, as you do. Sort of a C+ meal but good enough to settle our resolve not to risk St Pouçain cuisine tonight. I shall nibble a quiche thingey and drain one of my two cans of Bass in the privacy of our hotel room. No gadding for us, at our age an'all we'll be in bed as soon as the Ibis Budget clock chimes nine. 

Tomorrow, the Massif Central! And we should get into Sablet mid afternoon, where we might be lucky enough to get supper with our good friends Louise and John, as the former has intimated we may.